DrainThatPain training maybe the most valuable training you ever take - a hands-on opportunity to learn how to let go of negativity yourself and then teach someone else. You do not have to be a therapist to learn this. Loving intention is what you need primarily and it really helps to feel this process within your own body. I teach one-day trainings and there are always volunteers to work with. I also teach online in private sessions - however, I want all trainees to experience a release either within themselves or watching a friend get out of pain or my client. 

I post the steps and the words of the Riverboat Fountain Metaphor and many helpful videos on my FB training site. You can join DrainThatPain on our FB Training Site at

Here are links to my International One Day Trainings

1)   HypnoBiz Canada. Join me at HypnoBiz Canada on October 27 for a one-day workshop in Toronto. Great prices available until Sept 1 for both Conference and Workshop ticket.  

2)   Join me in Twyford Hampshire, UK for two one day- trainings for DrainThatPain. Nov. 9,10.

3)   Join me and Beryl Comar in Dubai for two one day-trainings for DrainThatPain, Nov. 15,16

 4)   Join me and Helen Mitas at HypnoBiz Australia -sign up for the Conference and get my training at a great price. October 16 in Brisbane.

For my in-person US DrainThatPain trainings, I take small group trainings in my home this summer. Bring someone in pain or an intention to learn DrainThatPain or both. I teach thru my clients and who is presented and also teach online. You can book your DrainThatPain training with Joanna Cameron on a variety of platforms, Zoom, Skype or Fb Messenger video. Trainings take approximately 2 hours and the cost is $295. Pay at

Amanda let go of shoulder pain

Christopher talks about the difference between new pain and old pain, and his experience of a DrainThatPain training.

DrainThatPain for back issues

DrainThatPain is so quick!

Make your appointment now for your DrainThatPain training with me! If you are in pain, you’ll learn how to get out of pain and then you can assist someone else. 

I give away three downloads here as my mission is to get people out of pain. You may use the downloads but not sell them or upload them to digital platforms without my permission.

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