Dr. Joanna Cameron

The English born Trance Lady is the Monty Python of hypnotists!

 An entertainer, hypnotherapist and author. Fasten your safety belts for this high paced romp of extreme silliness and side splitting laughter! The best seats are on the stage! Trance Lady's skits are imaginative, unique, and ever changing...



Upping Your Vibe

Connect with Audiences and Clients on New Levels!

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Joanna Cameron, the English-born "Trance Lady" is America's funniest hypnotist - I WANT TO MAKE YOU LAUGH! Her skits are brilliantly silly, imaginative and ever-changing. We will laugh hysterically "with you" rather than "at you." She has performed/taught all over the States for colleges, women's groups, corporate clients including Boeing, Ernst and Young and for the US Army abroad. She trains stage hypnotists all over the World to take their craft to the next level Joanna has published her second book—"Forget Diets, Plant Tomatoes"- a hypnotic journey to stop emotional eating. She's published alongside Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley in "Stepping Stones to Success." Her chapter focuses on techniques to increase happiness. Joanna is a trainer of hypnosis, stage hypnosis and NLP and is a member the National Guild of Hypnotists. You'll love her show. The best seats are on stage!