Hypnotherapy Testimonials

My week was again pretty great.  I let go of an additional 6 pounds this week, making me a total of 16.5 pounds lighter than when we met.  I’m certainly noticing a difference, and so are other people (which is quite enjoyable to me.)  My confidence and esteem increase as my weight decreases, and I feel absolutely wonderful most of the time.  I know I’m doing this myself and that makes it all the better.  No drugs, no chemicals, just the power of ME!  Amazing…simply amazing.  (Mostly because I tried the power of me many times before and always failed miserably.)

Here’s my rundown:

  • Starting weight: 200
  • Ending weight:  196  (I’m under 200!!!!)
  • Total let go:  6 pounds
  • Average calories/day:  1140
  • Average exercise/day: 35 minutes (and I actually look forward to it!)

Lisa S. VA

Just a quick note to let you know how great I feel.  I just can’t believe it!  I’ve cut my calories DRAMATICALLY and have been exercising faithfully every day.  I’m not taking on any anger or frustration (though I do still feel it at times) and I am seeing the whole world in a new way.  Gosh, everyone should come visit you!  (And to top it off, I’ve already let go of three pounds! Can you believe it?!?)

Lisa S. VA

"Yes! I cannot believe it! I lost five pounds this week and I have not had a jelly donut since I saw you"

Carol S. VA

"Five nights since my session with you and my choices have been incredibly simple. Not drinking is a "no brainer". How exciting it is to feel in control again. I wish I had known about Hypnotherapy years ago. You are remarkable! It is a shame that Hollywood and AA perpetuate the myth that one must live through hell or swap "opiates" in order to lead any semblance of a normal life. If only more people knew about Hypnotherapy. Thank You!

Fred S, VA

"I have used the hypnotherapy skills, that I learned from you, effectively at work to increase my productivity. Thanks! "

Peter S, MD

"I have tried everything to stop smoking - the patch, gum, "cold turkey" but hypnosis has worked for me. It is the best money I ever spent." 

Judy D, VA

Anyway, since I met with you, I have noticed an amazing change and am so incredibly happy.  I have been happier than I have been in a long time.  I will just get random feelings of happiness when I am aware of what's around me, appreciate living in the moment, thankful for my friends, family, support, health, wellbeing, opportunity.  It's crazy!!! Like you mentioned about the blinders being taken off and my peripheral vision being enhanced....its so true.  I have had several recent incidents in which I've needed to forgive my riends and I amazingly have forgiven them right away ( I am usually one to hold grudges forEVERRR)... and it feels WONDERFUL to feel no anger, to hold no grudges, to be happy. THANK YOU!!!

Jane R, VA