Self Hypnosis

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Any trance is your trance. Own it and enjoy it and allow those positive feelings of relaxation, feeling at peace with a sense of well being to wash over you and remain with you....... That's right.

Maybe you want to get into a comfortable position right now, in your computer chair and just relax and try this exercise right now. I like to touch my pointer finger to my thumb on both hands. That's right. Now, take a deep breath and hold it. And exhale. Repeat. Imagine a beautiful staircase to a peaceful and special place and as you descend the staircase you deepen the relaxation. Keeping your eyes focused on the screen.

Three ..... Eyes are focused on the screen and concentrate on relaxing the muscles around your eyes.

Two ..... Eyes begin to blink and flutter. That's right. As as they do this your relaxation deepens

One .... Eyes close now as you deepen the relaxation. You descend to your special place, a very peaceful place for you, where you can relax deeper and deeper and allow the tensions and stresses to just bounce off and away from your. That's right. Just bounce off and away from you. And at any time that you return to this special place you will be able to relax deeper and deeper. And these positive feelings will grow stronger throughout the day and night.

Enjoy your special place for as long as your unconscious mind so chooses.