With all habits, it is a process of "letting go" and setting healthy goals, and visualizing yourself completing these goals.  I consider the work that I do with smokers to be some of the most important work.

Smoking is known to cause heart disease, cancer and emphysema amongst other health problems. Motivation and willingness are KEY to letting go of this habit. You are ready to give up smoking when you acknowledge that you want to do this to prolong your life and the lives of those around you. Other weak excuses such as family members complaining about it generally don't work.

You must have a plan to let go of smoking. I tell my clients that they need to set a date,  the date of their hypnotherapy appointment and tell their family and friends that on this day they will become a non smoker. You will need some new behaviors and new goals to reprogram that part of you that wants to smoke. Drinking water, exercising daily, listening to my hypnotic CD or taking up a new hobby are all great goals. All goals must be in the present tense and must be timed. In other words - I walk for 10 minutes at a brisk pace every day at 7.30am. I teach all my clients self hypnosis.

It is very important to reinforce the post hypnotic suggestions using self hypnosis and listening to my CD's, which are best downloaded onto an MP3 player, Ipod or other device.