About Hypnotherapy

As a hypnotherapist, I help my clients with their unconscious processes. It is useful here to have a working understanding of the different functions of your conscious and unconscious mind. Imagine, if you will, that you have a flashlight in a darkroom. The beam of light is your conscious mind and the darkroom is your unconscious mind - it is everything else. Your conscious mind can only absorb about 7 bits of information at one time, but your unconscious mind is unlimited. It is a storehouse of information.

Imagine a ship - maybe a large, old fashioned one with sails! It is the Captain who makes final decisions including the ship's itinerary and the well being of the Crew. It is the Crew's responsibility to carry out those decisions and take care of the everyday workings of the ship. In the same way, the conscious, judgmental mind is the Captain and your unconscious mind is the Crew. It is your unconscious mind that controls the everyday processes of your body, including your breathing and the digestion of your food. If you have a conflict between your conscious and unconscious mind, it can feel like "Mutiny on the Bounty".

My clients come to me with their "Mutiny". I like to get to know the client and establish rapport as we talk about the nature of the "mutiny" or problem. If you have a problem, you might want to ask yourself these same questions:

  1. How do you know you have this problem?
  2. How long have you had the problem?
  3. What happened the first time you had this problem? What emotions were present?
  4. What events have happened since then? What emotions were present?
  5. In each of these events, what is the relationship between the events and your current situation in life?
  6. What is the relationship of any of your family members to your present problem or current situation?
  7. Is there a purpose for having this problem? Ask your unconscious mind?
  8. When did you choose to create this problem? Ask your unconscious mind?
  9. Is there something your unconscious mind wants you to know? Ask your unconscious mind? Is there something I need to know that will cause the problem to disappear?
  10. Is it OK for your unconscious mind to support us in removing this problem today?

If you feel disturbed asking any of these questions, remember that you need an objective, trained listener. A psychotherapist or hypnotherapist can help you with your processes. I welcome your call and questions.

It is most important to get into the solution of your problem, rather than the cause. If you take responsibility for your problem, your unconscious mind can figure out the solution. My job is to help you to trust your unconscious mind through the medium of trance.