Forget Diets, Plant Tomatoes

Forget Diets, seek Plant Tomatoes – a metaphoric, hypnotic journey to stop emotional eating.

Eating.  Everybody does it, but we do not do it in the same way. Do we? Do you eat because of a sense of emptiness, a numbness of your soul? Is food an escape from loneliness, boredom or stress? Do you eat to fill an emotional void? If this is you then you are eating for emotional reasons. I wrote this book for you.

If you are an emotional eater, diets do not work over the long term. To change you have to deal with the cause of the emotional void. No amount of food will ever fill it. Change is never easy, but it is not as hard as you think. Not changing is actually harder!

Come with me on a journey and let me show how you some things, that may surprise you. Make a decision to take back the reins and be that happy, healthy, successful person.  Hang on. That person is YOU.

This book is a spoken, work-book.  The book demands that you take action by taking seven healing steps. It is meant to be read from page 1 through the last page in sequence. There are metaphors (poems) at the beginning and end of each chapter- a please listen to them on the MP3’s provided in a special section of this website. Please take the steps in order.  There are exercises within the book, which assist you to take the healing steps. The exercises require that you listen to the CD.

The steps in this book will heal your emotional eating problem.

Do not purchase this book unless you really want to change!